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  • How much hair Is required?
    Length 12-16" 2-3 bundles. Lengths 18-24"Lengths 3 -4 bundles. Lengths 26-30" You Need 4-5 bundles.
  • What products are recommended for this hair?
    *VIRGIN HAIR STRAIGHT OR WAVY EXTENSIONS Ion keratin Shampoo&conditioner CURLY HAIR Ion curl defining Shampoo&Conditioner. COLORED HAIR Ion after color Defense shampoo,conditioner&color sealer. *RAW HAIR SIlicon Mixx Shampoo & Conditioner
  • When should I wash my extensions?
    All Hair should be co washed before use,Only use conditioner! Shampoo is only recommended if you need an really good wash such as heavy product use,buildup, excessive sweating etc ! OVER SHAMPOOING THE HAIR CAN CAUSE EXTREME DRYNESS. Every 2-3 weeks it is recommended for a full wash for a refreshing look.
  • Can I color this hair?
    Yes you can color this hair It is 100% virgin & raw hair ! Poise collection extensions can be lifted to #27 Posh & Luxe collection can be lifted to #613 However it is recommended that you seek professional help when doing so.
  • How long does the hair last?
    The hair will last a very long time, "Years" with proper care! For best results always seek professional help!
  • Any recommended hair care tips?
    CURLY HAIR *You should always apply a curl cream when hair is wet. For easier solution you can add water,tad bit of argan oil& curl cream into a spray bottle. Spray your hair evenly, use a wide tooth comb to detangle,spray one more time then let it air dry. "Do not" comb after the last spray if you want a more tamed look! Brushing or combing your curly hair after wash or quick spray will expand the hair! Before bed you can use this same method and twist it up for a more manageable style that next morning. *FOR ANY TEXTURE HAIR ALWAYS REMEMBER TO FLEXI ROD,PIN CURL,TWIST OR BRAID YOUR HAIR UP AT NIGHT BEFORE BED! ABSOLUTELY NO GREASE OR OIL SHEEN IN THE HAIR! *VIRGIN HAIR HAS ITS OWN NATURAL SHINE BUT IF LOOKING FOR EXTRA SHINE ARGAN OIL IS WHAT SHOULD BE USED.
  • What is the difference between the Poise collection & Posh Collection extensions?
    Our Posh collection is an higher grade which can last for 3+ years ,which can be lifted to an #613. Our Poise Collection which can be lifted to #27 which is great quality as well & can last up to 1+ year with Proper hair care.
  • What is the completion time for units?
    Starting from the day of purchase 1-3 weeks not including weekends.
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